Wolfpack Development Update: Almost there

This week Oscar has been working on new shaders and materials for the Radio room. Right now the voice system is slightly broken, due to adding more doors to the game. Oscar will spend next week fixing this, and when that is done we will release a new version of the game to the testers. Koji is working on new assets for the sonar room.

Einar has been adding additional vents, voice tubes and light sources, as well as other details. The lighting of the control room has been altered slightly, taking new light sources into account. A speed chart and a interior pressure gauge has been added to the helm station.

Axel’s made progress in the menu integration. The options menu has been fully integrated with the new UI and underlying functionality, and work has started on the game setup menu. Localisation components have been completed and are functioning in the game – with the new UI there will be official language packs from the Wolfpack team (currently only English) as well as the ability to add your own custom ones (something we want to use the Steam workshop for). Support for non-latin alphabets will be looked at a later date but are currently at a very low priority.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!