Warzone 2 Resurgence map has an underground submarine pen

Ashika Island is the new Call of Duty Warzone 2 Resurgence map that’s set to debut February 15. This new compact battle royale game map isn’t just pretty to look at – it’s also home to several secrets, like an underground submarine station beneath the ornate pagoda-style castle at the heart of the island. The island’s dominant feature is Tsuki Castle, a tiered pagoda-style stronghold that sits on a plateau rising from the centre of the island. This fortress features a moat, an interior bailey area, a walled ‘dojo’ style courtyard, and barracks on the outside. Inside, you’ll find several floors, a mezzanine level in the main tower, and a server room on the third floor with views in every direction.

You don’t necessarily need to breach the castle walls to get inside, however. Beneath the castle there’s a subterranean network of waterways that meet at a submarine base. You can take a boat or swim in from the Town Centre, the Water Treatment plant, and Port Ashika to the east, then head up into Tsuki Castle from below.

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