Toyotagt86’s Enhanced mod for GWX3.0 Version 2.2


Hi Captains
Here is the Silent Hunter 3 GWX3.0 X Toyotagt86 Enhanced Version2.2
This Mod is based on the SH3 GWX3.0 and I combined the highlight from other MODS. Also I modified some file by myself to enhance again.
Here is the Mod l combined

GWX 3 Wilhemshafen,St Naz,Schluese and xtra ships V6 merged with WB’s .mis file for VonDos’ addon ships.
1. (Checked and fixed the Roster, Campaign .mis, Equip, Cfg and speed file by using the “mySH3-TooL_v2_0”).
2. Fix the Loadout error of the AI U-Boats
3. Remove some useless Naval Base for stable running
4. Remove the ship lock door in the Kiel, Wilhemshafen and St Naz Port
5. Fix the Radio Message errors

U-boat mod
TKSS18 German U-Boats Compilation
1. For this Mod I modified the Node position to fix the Fumo 29 Radar install position issue with all coning towers for Type 7C and TYPE IX U-Boat.
2. Add the Crew on deck for the U-boats (Shift+D / Ctrl+D) except some special U-BOAT Type.: VIIC/41, VIIC/42, IXC/40 and ARB Gui version IID.
3. Combine the Water splashes effects from WAC 5.2GWX ReworkedGWX Onealex Edition Mega mod and “100_59_German U-Boats Comp – Bow Spray Mod (Meldric)” mod
4. Fix the UZO Animation Bug for Type VIIC/41 42 U-boat.
5. Fix the Battery equip configuration for IID U-boat to avoid CTD when enter the Damage Control UI
6. Delete the IXC/1 and IXC/2 Conning Tower for the IXC/40 U-boat for better eye candy effect
7. Delete the Snokel upgrade selection for Type VIIB U-boat
8. The Snokel RWR antenna will be equipped automatically by the SH3 Commander after the Oct. of 1944.
9. Fix the emblems for all U-boat Conning Towers.
10. Fix the default Sonar Decoys type equipped for the Type XXI U-Boat in 1944.
11. Thanks to Fifi, he points out the “float” Sub Deck Gun problem and I adjust the Coordinate data then fixed it.
12. Change the Rewon system back to GWX 3.0 Original version in the Basic.cfg file which changed by the TKSS18 German U-Boats Compilation mod.
13. Make special Snokel Masks for the AI U-boat, due to the original one was changed by the TKSS18 German U-Boats Compilation mod. And they are not match with the AI U-boats.
14. Remove the 505 texture on the Type IXC/40 Conning tower.
15. Adjust the .sim file of the Type IXD2 U-boat for more stable sail in the storm weather.
16. Rework the Conning tower for all Type IX U-boat. Combine the Cable 3D model with the conning tower and use the SH3 Commander to replace the correct conning tower according to the U-Boat type
selected by players.
17. Add the installation node for the Snorkel side pipe lacked conning tower.


AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!