Silent Hunter 4: Yamato during Midway

Has anyone managed to find the Yamato during Midway?


Coming back from patrol I found myself re-fueling at Midway on June 2nd, 1942. Since my patrol was done I decided to join the Battle of Midway. On the morning of June 3rd I got notification of a Task Force coming due East and fast.

There were two Shōkaku class and two Hiryū class carriers. OK so some ships that were not actually at the battle, but A for effort. I got in front of it and managed to get a Shōkaku and a Kongo class Battleship blundered in my torps towards one of the Hiryū. Went deep and after a massive thrashing managed to evade to the west. Then I decided that since I found their version of Kidō Butai that I may be able to find Yamamoto’ Main Body. I had a rough idea of where it should be, but after searching for two days, even after I got notified of the retreat of the remains of Kidō Butai I found nothing.

I started to wonder and figured I would ask, has anyone managed to find the Yamato during Midway?

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