SH5 Mods: TWoS – must-have options to select


playing the TWoS mod, really a great mod!
Now, the OptionsFileEditorViewer seems to give acces to many additional things to select.

Can the veterans of TWoS point me to things that I are a must-have?
So far I selected the SH3 dials, way better then SH5 version. Wonder why that is not the standard.



Not a veteran, but things I tweaked:
– Crash dive time delay (longer at first, shorter as crew gains experience)
– RealNav navigator error and time to calculate position
– ShipsJournal lets you select captain’s name and U-Boat hull number
– and something that is absolutely crucial to me because I mod more than play, I disabled SOAN. Now if you just play the game I recommend to keep it enabled, but if you are modding or testing some changes and need to relaunch game often, disabling SOAN cuts down dramatically on game load time.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!