SH3: Why play with crew fatigue?

To me this would see to make time compression impractical?

The crew management in SH3 is very broken. It “sort of” works in combat when the crew can be expected to be at action stations, and I think that’s all the game designers were originally interested in. When the boat is cruising there is too much to do and there are not enough places for the crew to rest. Does it really take 8 men to watch a pair of diesels chugging at slow ahead? Are men in the forward torpedo room really going to tire out when there are no torpedoes loading?
Fortunately with time compression of 64 and over the crew management is turned off and if you run a small crew fatigue becomes a minor irritation. i guess the game designers realized the limitations of the system.

I think the SH3 fatigue system does add a little depth to the game in combat, particularly when following a convoy. I’m not aware of any mods that implement the SH4 system in SH3.

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