SH3 Mods: New ships, guns that I am current working on…


I am currently working on updata my old warship mod, and import new ships from WOWS, and making new guns for player’s U-Boat, 3 jobs together.

1, new guns for player’s U-Boat,
Gerät58 55mm x2 flak gun and MK103 30mm x4 flak gun

Outer bridge and inner bridge, as seen in the pictures below. You can change your bridge’s position by click on the bridge hatch.

An overwatch position (press “A” to it) to lookaround the whole ship from the highest spot of the ship.

All the guns (not just 3 or 4 guns) of the ship is controlable, for example, you press “F10”, you are controling the fore turret, press “F10” again, you will go to the rear turret, keep press “F10”, you will visit the 2 280mm x3 turret (fore and rear), 2 150mm x1 turret (port and starboard) and 1 105mm x2 turret (rear), 5 guns in total. By “A”+”F11”, “T”+”F11”, “F”+”F11”, you will be abale to visit the rest guns. This system is made by my friend “backer”, a great program engineer.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!