There have been substantial changes since the first warship mod. I redid all the .zons, the weapons range and I modified the shell file. It is now possible to be destroyed by sinking.
Radar detection varies depending on which ship you use (both your own and enemy ships).
I have already added among the playable ships (but not published) the Bismark, the Sheer, the Lutzow and soon the Scharn (I’m waiting for it from Von Dos).
Among the non-playable ones I have added all the ships by Von Dos and I will add others by other authors later.
The torpedoes, where present, are functional.
The mod for the riders is still missing. More precisely the ships are ready but I haven’t adjusted the campaign yet (.rdn and .scr files).
As far as ease of play is concerned, it is obvious that if you find a convoy or a single cruiser with the Bismark, you will have an easy time. It will already be different if you find a task force or if you encounter battleships with a cruiser.
The mod is based on WAC5.0 and is not compatible with any other mods. However, if you have any requests let me know; if the respective authors authorize I can partially insert them.
for H-Class BB? Like the H-44 (Großdeutschland) or H-42 I can add them if the files are provided.
Any bugs that will be reported to me will be fixed from time to time.
To make the game less “heavy” I eliminated the reflections of the units. It’s less beautiful but more fluid.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!