Kriegsmarine – Weser CVL – 2023 edition

This is the twentysecond of a serie of units for Kriegsmarine, reworked in collaboration with flush deck.

Pack includes a multiskin unit based on Weser auxiliary aircraft cruiser (grey base, artic camo and atlantic camo).

Note: in real history, the ship wasn’t finished. The unit was started as Hipper class cruiser “Seydlitz”, then selected for conversion into auxiliary aircraft carriers in early 1942, when rework started. Work ceased in June 1943.

Based on warhunter model, 3d updated using SHV parts and a lot of details (portholes, stairs, cables, lifeboats, glass windows\interiors, turning rangefinders…).
JU87 Stuka planes by Fifi (reworked by JU_88 and used in GWX 3.0)

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