Russia’s Navy might get two new nuclear submarines in 2022

A Russian biggest shipbuilder is planning to hand over two nuclear-powered submarines to the Russian Navy next year.

A source close to the Russian defense ministry says that both submarines will enter service with the Pacific Fleet.

“The current plans for 2022 envisage the transfer of one strategic [submarine] – the Generalissimus Suvorov missile-carrying submarine [of the Borei-A class] and one attack [submarine], the Krasnoyarsk multipurpose submarine [of the Yasen-M class],” the source said.

The modern Russian Borei nuclear ballistic missile submarine, or SSBN, was conceived as a replacement to the aging Delta and Typhoon strategic submarine lines.

According to TASS, Borei-and Borei-A-class submarines have been developed by the Rubin Central Design Bureau of Marine Engineering. They carry 16 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles and are outfitted with 533mm torpedo tubes.

The Yasen-M is a new line of nuclear-powered cruise missile submarines, designed to phase out Russia’s aging, Soviet-era attack submarines. The submarines can be deployed in anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, surveillance operations and special missions.

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