Please help me with TMO manual targeting!


Hello guys!

I am in trouble – I always played sh4 with Uboat missions. That means I was able to manually set the heading angle of the enemy ship… Now when they are DOTS on the map I can’t do it – I’ve used the protractor earlier to define the course by the ship Icon – but now it is the DOT. My entire immersion is broken.

My question is: How to properly set the angle of my target? The ship icon in the original game shows me it position on the map by the back and forth and You know The DOT is a circle so I am confused. Sorry for my english. I am soo pissed off… Please explain to me how to do it. I can’t even find the tutorial or something ((

Despite I LOVE this game and play it from 2007 to this day, there is one thing I hate in this game – No tutorial or solid manual targetting at all – I mean there is, but simple. It reminds me of Diablo 2… “Go ahead and try making runewords” sure, that game also tells you nothing about it… Internet solutions needed.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!