Kriegsmarine – Type24 (and 23) class TB – 2023 edition

This is the sixteenth of a serie of units for Kriegsmarine, reworked in collaboration with flush deck.

Pack include a multiskin unit based on Type24 class, with six skins, one for every ship in the class.
Type23 class was similar, but slightly smaller.

Type24 (Raubtier) class, included Wolf, Iltis, Jaguar, Leopard, Luchs and Tiger.
Type23 (Raubvogel) class, included Möwe, Falke, Greif, Kondor, Albatros and Seeadler

Based on GWX Development Team’s type24 class torpedo boat (original author was Sergbuto, on a model by Greg Law), 3d updated using SHV model and parts and a lot of details (portholes, stairs, cables, lifeboats, glass windows\interiors, turning radars\rangefinders and torpedo launchers).

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