Wreck ‘Em With No Rec Manual in Wolfpack! Expert Attack Tactics

I’ve been enjoying all your work on this topic and its been very enlightening to see how approachable it is to work with imperfect info.

I’m not playing Wolfpack but SH3 though obviously the principles apply equally (and I’m considering jumping on board with Wolfpack thanks to your videos!). One thing I’ve been playing with is figuring out exactly how to use the “speed derived from two bearings” method. I’m trying to figure out exactly what you need to set up to ensure an accurate result. I’ve had some mixed results where sometimes the speed is wildly different to what I know it is and other times its bang on.

It seems like the rate of closure matters and I’ve experienced far more accurate results with greater range differences between the initial bearing and the second bearing. My question is do you have any advice on how to use this method in a way that ensures you get a good result? I’m comfortable with the actual data gathering process and the use of the wheel to compute it. Its the method of setting the relative position of the target and own ship that I’m uncertain of. It seems like some scenarios don’t produce a good result despite nominally being on convergent course, while others do.


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