UBOAT review: Sound the alarm and dive right in!

Way back in 2005, Silent Hunter III came along and set a new standard for subsims, it shaped our expectations of what a subsim should be from the moment the disc hit shelves. 3D explorable interiors, a variable and vastly explorable environment, a whole host of enemy and allied ships alike, interactive crew. The various mods took SH3, a dynamite hit with our community, and turned it into one of the greatest submarine simulations of all time. And for that reason, it is the yard stick by which a great many subsequent sims are measured.

But Silent Hunter III did more than revolutionize the genre, it gave rise to the end all be all of player wish list items for later installments of the series. All one must do to put their finger on the pulse of the submarine simulation community is simply visit Subsim’s Radio Room forums. Once there, a treasure trove of player wish lists can be found.

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