TOTAL Ironclads!

First rate game-play experience.

Review by Oubaas, SUBSIM

Two or three weeks ago, I bought the, “Clad in Iron Bundle” on Steam. I’ve had so much fun with that series, that I wanted to explore everything from the beginning, so this morning I bought the, “Ironclads 10-in-1 Bundle”. I figure it also supports the cause, with, “Ironclads 3” in development, which I will wishlist as soon as it has a Steam page, and buy upon release.

The Ironclads series is one of the great naval game series of all time, and I’m retired Navy with a lot of naval games. If you have any interest in historical naval warfare, you owe it to yourself to give the series a try. I’d start with the, “Clad in Iron” series first. If you catch the fever, you can grab the 10-in-1 bundle later. Does it have a learning curve? Yes. But there’s a manual and tutorial videos if you want them. I just took my time, explored the interface, and jumped right in. It didn’t take long until I was completely comfortable playing. If you can handle the Graviteam Tactics series (another of my favorites) you’ll have no trouble with the Ironclads series. The games are not expensive, and Maxim and the team use the purchase revenue to buy reference materials for researching more series content.

So I’d highly recommend that you give the series a try. My reaction has been to acquire all of it, it’s that good. First rate game-play experience. I play it a lot. You can get lost for hours, and lose track of time.

I’m really looking forward to, “Ironclads 3”.

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