The Wolves of Steel – SH5 Megamod Update

– Edited and revised campaign traffic lines in order to ensure that by the early October 1939, all DARKENED ships bound for British ports may be considered hostile, regardless of their markings of currently neutral nations (like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland ect).
– Edited and revised campaign traffic lines around fall of France in June 1940 in order to prevent possible friendly sinking of French ships around UK and other legit U-boats hunting grounds since they will appear as legit darkened targets (The game will consider french units friendly as soon as France fall and it’s ports “turn blue”).
– Fixed problem where allied convoys in Mediterranean campaigns will occasionally try to “squeeze trough” in between Sicily and the mainland Italy.
– Other various campaign fixes involved mainly around illogical and misplaced traffic which can sometimes occur when nation “change side” form Axis to Allied and vice versa.
– Added new merchant ship type to various nations roster: awesome looking “Raised Quarterdecker”, entirely created , from scratch, by Kapuhy!
– Edited description and displaying messages of Campaign Advance Verifier_Testing addon. Make sure to read updated JSGME “More info” description of this addon.
– Edited instructional Campaign/Flotilla transfer radio messages to be in line with recent Campaign Advance Verifier_Testing addon description changes.
– Disabled Generic Patcher Collateral Damage patches in the snapshot for better damage distribution calculations, both for playable subs and other units. No more exploding bow when torpedo hit stern of the ship or damaged propellers if you frontally collide your sub with something. Some larger ships and warships will more frequently require more then one well placed torpedo in order to go down which is more realistic after all. (Fire up TDW Generic Patcher and restore the snapshot again if you wish to activate the changes).
– Edited and rearranged XO dialog box Auto TDC messages. After you mark the ship the XO will inform you that “Auto TDC solution are set! Fire when ready!”, so if anyone still ask again “how to use auto TDC in TWoS” , I will personally shoot him with my Luger pistol!
– Increased probability to 80-90% and decreased time interval (12h) of non directional beacons activation in harbors, which can help real navigation Captains to position their boats properly for harbor entrance in bad weather conditions.
– Updated official PDF install instructions to reflect recent changes.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!