The Future of Sub Buddy

Development has been quiet since the release of Sub Buddy in 2020, mainly because we haven’t had any bug reports and that’s especially thanks the the Apple Platform as it’s just always worked as new devices came out with new screen sizes and features. We’ve had some minor issues on the Google Platforms and a patch was made to try and allow it to run more fluidly on really old or obscure hardware and that was very successful.

For such a niche project we haven’t had too many suggestions or feature requests and the work required to add some of these that did come in just didn’t seem to be cost effective – especially if only one person in three years asked for something very specific!

However in the last few weeks we were made aware of a bug (iOS/iPadOS only) that could, on some newer OS/Hardware combinations, cause an issue where upon rotation, the menu or the settings cog would stop responding to touches. So, on the 1st of May, 2023, I pushed an update (Sub Buddy 1.0.3) to fix that so now all iOS, iPadOS and even some macOS devices can now run Sub Buddy – from iOS 12.0 all the way to the current iOS 16.4.1(a).

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!