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PT Boats: Knights of the Sea
Subsim brings PT Boats: Knights of the Sea into focus.
Oct. 3, 2007

Subsim brings PT Boats: Knights of the Sea into focus.

SUBSIM: The idea for PT Boats has been cooking at Akella for quite a while, since 2001. It now appears PT Boats is your current project. When did full development get underway?

Akella: We’ve been developing the game for 4 years already and as we’re planning, the game will hit the store shelves by the end of the year – December 2007.


SUBSIM: Akella is renown for the Storm game engine that powered successful sailing games such as Sea Dogs, Age of Sail II, and Pirates of the Caribbean. How has Storm evolved for PT Boats?

Akella: We have completely redesigned the Storm engine to meet the project requirements thus creating a favorable environment to develop modern high tech naval games.

SUBSIM: What are the biggest improvements to the graphics and physics?

Akella: Now the engine supports DX10 features, uses Ageia PhysX and is customized to multi core processors (Intel Dual Core & Quad Core).


SUBSIM: Will the player get transfers from the Baltic to the Barents and the Black Seas?

Akella: All the missions will take place in various environments – starting from the Baltic Sea to the Barents and Black seas; however we avoided making direct references to the game geography.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!

SUBSIM: Does that mean the game will not have historical flotillas or ports?

Akella: Game missions are based on real event of World War II, but we changed it a little for gameplay improvement.


SUBSIM: How will combat tactics and conditions change for the player when he is in different theaters?

Akella: Every theater will have its own specifics varying in combat tactics and tasks. For instance, Northern episodes have a prevailing number of missions of escorting/attacking transport vessels. Thus a player should use corresponding tactics – blistering attacks in groups.


SUBSIM: What enemy units will appear in PT Boats?

Akella: You will find a wide variety of battle vessels such as Hipper class cruisers, torpedo boats, secondary cruisers, cargo ships, destroyers, bombers, minesweepers, barges, tankers, and submarines of various types in the game.


SUBSIM: Can you be a little more specific? What class torpedo boats, destroyers, and submarines?

Akella: For the present moment we have:

Torpedo boats:

      Elco (USA), Fairmile (UK), Vosper (UK), G5 (USSR), Komsomolets (USSR), S-26 (GER), S-100 (GER)


      SKR-Tuman (USSR), M-Class (GER), VMV (GER), KFK (GER), RAUMBOOT (GER)


      Shuka (USSR), U-995 (GER), V-class (UK)


      Cannon (USA), Fletcher (USA), 7-Type (USSR), 7Y-Type (USSR), NOVIK (USSR), TRIBAL (UK), T-Type (GER), Z-34 (GER), Z-36 (GER)


SUBSIM: How varied are the AI routines? Describe a couple of examples of enemy behavior?

Akella: We now have quite a competent AI but we still go on adding up more features. As an example, we can prescribe enemy behavior towards a convoy. If a player attacks the enemy convoy escorted by boats and destroyers it’s going to cost him/her big! Same thing when you protect your convoy from the enemy boats.

SUBSIM: The last time we checked with the dev team, PT Boats would provide the player with a career that spanned around 30 missions. What is the current mission setup?

Akella: By now, we have developed 6 historical episodes, 5-6 missions in each – you’ll be able to play for 3 parties: USSR, Allied Forces, and Germany. The player will be able to play each mission for any of the parties chosen – that’s quite an interesting experience – to see something from different angles and perspectives, feel what your enemy must have filled when you were playing for the (current) enemy party.


SUBSIM: To what degree are the missions scripted? Does the player need to replay the mission to continue the career?

Akella: Well, as it is now we have scripted 80% of all the missions we announced. During the game a player will have an access to all the missions at once, so it will be up to the gamer to decide whether to replay the mission or not.


SUBSIM: When missions are replayed, will enemy and allied units begin in the same order and placement?

Akella: Some of the missions are scripted very strictly regarding their starting positions. However, most of them are quite randomly selected.


SUBSIM: Will PT Boats have a random mission generator, where the player can designate the combat mission type and enter the mission with varied enemy units randomly placed?

Akella: No, we don’t expect that in the game.

SUBSIM: What is the status of Multiplayer? Is MP planned to be part of the release? How many players will PT Boats support?

Akella: Yes, we are going to have multiplayer. It will "host up to 16 gamers simultaneously.


SUBSIM: What units will Axis players have control of in MP?

Akella: In MP the gamer will have control of the same vessels as in gameplay missions.


SUBSIM: What are the planned system requirements and release date?

Akella: The game is supposed to get shipped by the end of this year.

System Requirements:

-Minimum System Requirements:

* Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Microsoft Windows 2000 SP2

* 1GB RAM System RAM

* 2.5 Ghz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent processor

* 8x DVD-ROM Drive

* 1,5 GB free hard disk space

* DirectX 9.0c (included in installer package)

* 64MB Direct3D Compatible Video card and DirectX 9.0 compatible driver

* DirectX 8.1 Compatible Sound Card

* Keyboard, Mouse


Recommended System Requirements:

* Microsoft Windows Vista

* 3.0 Ghz Intel Pentium 4 QuadCore or equivalent processor

* 2 GB System RAM

* DirectX 10.0 (included in installer package)

* Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX series, ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT series or higher video card


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