Sometimes you get what you need

The player navigates his sub through a 2D tactical map with the familiar naval icons and the 3D viewer. Contacts on the 2D tactical map are only as reliable as the sonar and visual detection can make them. The better your solution, the more you can count on a Kilo being where the map says it is. A small HUD exhibits the player’s sub’s speed, course, and depth, as well as the selected contact and the designated weapon. I would prefer the map to list the contacts by their NATO designation (Sierra 1, Sierra 2, Master 3, etc) even when a platform is identified, but I think Cold Waters is using the same naming convention as Red Storm Rising. This can get a little confusing when you have to cycle through three different Grisha contacts that are all labeled “Grisha”. (Update 6/14/17: This has been improved with the v1.02 patch.)

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!