SH5: Volunteers needed, to test experimental AI tweaks!

I’m looking for volunteer(s) who are currently playing SH5 campaign (with or without TWoS, the only thing required would be that you have JGSME mod manager set up), who would be willing to test changes I’ve made to TDW’s version of Airplane.aix script in order to make planes in game more dangerous.

If you’re interested, here’s a little more detailed explanation:

Plane AI in SH5 is governed by Airplane.aix file located in data/Scripts/AI folder. Vanilla version was (like most of the game) very buggy and modders have been trying to improve it, most notably TheDarkWraith in his IRAI mod (this is the version used by TWoS megamod among others). Unfortunately TDW never finished working on it, and plane AI still has many problems leading to aircraft not attacking a U-Boat when they should or crashing into ocean. This was discussed at length and tested in a thread I’ve started some time ago, and based on findings from this thread I did some changes to TDW’s version of Airplane.aix aiming to make planes more of a threat to the player.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!