SH5 Mod Request – “Odometer” Log

If anybody is interested, it would be great to have the odometer log that was in the tower of the boats. Picture below from U-505, and the VIIs had the same. The top counter shows nautical miles traveled, with a zeroing knob to the left. The bottom counter allows the user to preset a certain number of nautical miles with the knob at the left. A signal would go off when that reached zero.

Currently working on it. The basic functionality is more or less working, up to 99.9 km in metric system, after which it auto zeroes down although it doesnt look terrific yet. Can someone with some german knowledge translate to me if the upper part is the one which stores the meters after it is zeroed down, or the lower part it is? Also if someone would feel the urge could do the texture for it, Im really bad with GIMP, so it will be functionally good but wont look really cool.

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