SH4 dead?

Well it looks like my days of sailing the pacific are limited to the copy I have on my pc as my eventual notebook which will replace my pc does not like SH4 at all. I tried to load disk, crashes halfway through installation. I tried to download it from Steam a number of times, it does and installs BUT, whenever I try to start it, nothing happens. I tried to start it from steam, it says ‘running’ and just sits there. I uninstalled it twice and put it back, no change.

I am on a high res notebook (MSI Vector GP77 13V) RTX 4070 with oudles of space and 16GB RAM. Everything else I have copied across from steam is great.

I do have a saved exe in downloads 4.1.4 but win 11 says that exe file is banned and refuses to load it, even after I said Load Anyway.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!