Satellite imagery shows Chinese nuclear-powered submarine surfacing in Taiwan Strait

A Chinese nuclear-powered submarine was spotted transiting the Taiwan Strait on 29 November, according to an analysis of satellite imagery from the European Space Agency.

Columnist and military expert HI Sutton shared an image of a submarine, identified as a Type-094 Jin Class SSBN, taken by the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-2 satellite.

“Although Sentinel-2 is low resolution, the wake patterns are characteristic of a submarine with a typical rounded bow. The length best fits the Type 094 and the context aligns,” Mr Sutton wrote on his website Covert Shores.

He suggested that the submarine was transiting north from a submarine base at Yulin in the South China Sea and that the transit was likely a routine procedure, as Chinese submarines return to the Bohai shipyard, located at the Bohai sea, for repairs.

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