Modern Naval Warfare – Retiring Sub Command?

To replace games like Sub Command and Dangerous Waters, it would need realistic TMA and Sonar stations, and sonar analysis that is user friendly.

We have spent a great amount of our time on the research of all the Virginia stations. Will do our best.

*No cheat mode with magical underwater windows

Cheat mode? No no no we are making a simulator here.

*challenging, realistic enemies

The two most challenging and time consuming development parts of this project. AI and a realistic sound propagation model.
The idea is that the difficulty will be dependent on AI capabilities and actual mission design and not on magic sonars, invincible hulls and supersonic torpedoes.

*current world situation missions: Drug interdiction, Chinese, zee Russians, North Korea, convoy protection/attack, under ice cap missions where you have to find a suitable place to break through…

As an initial war theater we are bending towards the South China Sea. For every new theater that we will introduce new mission features will also be introduced too.

The planned stations (from the discord channel):

  • pilot,
  • sonar (narrowband, broadband, lofar, demon etc.),
  • nav,
  • radar,
  • radio,
  • photonics,
  • tma,
  • fire control,
  • esm,
  • tlam mission planner


All the details we have on Modern Naval Warfare!

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!