Long Beach mulls lawsuit over abandoned Soviet submarine

Submarines were designed to be covert, but this one has become a glaring eyesore for Long Beach.

The Foxtrot-class Soviet submarine, known as the Scorpion, was moored next to the Queen Mary as a tourist attraction for nearly two decades before it was closed to the public in 2015 after it fell into disrepair. The sub has since sat abandoned and infested with raccoons.

Now, Long Beach is considering filing a lawsuit to force the responsible party to remove the corroded relic, out of concern that it could sink and damage the Queen Mary, Deputy City Attorney Rich Anthony said on Tuesday.

But figuring out who exactly is responsible has been a challenge.

Palm Springs resident Ed Skowron, owner of a company called Newco Pty Ltd., bought the vessel for $970,000 and transported it to the Queen Mary on a heavy-lift ship in 1998.

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