Somewhere, someone went overboard. 

The recognition manual is super dark to point of being like a comedy skit I watched recently.

Man1:I am better than you cause “I” have gone solar!!
Man2: I guess
Man1:I rarely use local city electricity and all my light bulbs are fluorescent and max 35 watts!
Man2:Oh yeah?! Well…I can’t see you….you are dim….YOUR DIM!!

This darkness is cause of trying to simulate eye adaptation but somewhere someone went overboard. heck even when its done just slightly I have a hard time reading the info.

But there is other issues.So many ships in Sh3 since my last foray 9yrs ago now its a huge task to find what the ship is to point of not being realistic…IMO.I use NYGM Enhanced and can tell you its downright impossible at times.I use the weapons operator to identify ship to find the type but the name doesn’t pop up anywhere. So now I must scroll thru(290 ships folders)numerous kinda nauseating amounts of pics searching for an elusive check mark that I can hardly see.


AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!