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Information For > SHV <> All Posts Linked <

If you are new to SH5 look at this important information from Sjizzle in the link below in RED before you do anything else.
Read Before Installing any mods or patch with TDW's Generic Patcher

Got a problem you cannot solve and do not know how to fix it and would like me to take over and help you. (Sorry not STEAM unless converted)
Let Discord and THEBERBSTER come to the rescue.
Just send me a PM > I am usually available most evenings at20.00 hours GMT.

All Download Links > Forum Threads > YouTube Links > Last Checked 30th May 2015

You will find many of the Tutorial Posts come with full pictures and always include written Instructions

Important Information For Windows 10 Problem Solving

Solving Problems In Windows 10 > Undo & Temporarily Prevent Driver Updates > Roll Back Driver < Remove & Replace Driver > Block Driver Update > How To Stop Automatic Driver Updates > Local Group Policy Editor > Registry > Keep Your Drivers Under Control > Internet Pictorial By MUD > Acknowledgement to hauanqua for finding this useful information.

My Tutorials & Game Information For > SH5 <

Post #2 Installing TDW's Generic File Patcher Part 1 > Pictorial > Includes Download Link

Post #3 How To Make Changes In TDW's Generic File Patcher And Run Administrator Part 2 > Pictorial

Post #4 JSGME Installing It Correctly > Pictorial

Post #5 Update SH5 From v1.0.5.0 To v1.2.0 Immediately After Installing > Pictorial

Post #6 TDW's Option File Editor Viewer Installing It Correctly > Pictorial

Post #7 TDW's NewUi 7-5-0 version 18 Installing It Correctly > Pictorial > Includes Download Link

Post #8 TDW's NewUI Needs To Be Debugged

Post #9 JSGME How To Export Your Mod List To A Subsim Post > Pictorial

Post #10 Deck Gun Crew Testing Using TDW's NewUI

Post #11 Firing The Deck Gun Manually Using TDW's NewUI

Post #12 How To Change Your Game Play Settings In The Bunker

Post #13 Replacing Steam With A Dvd

Post #21 4 Bearing Method By Kuikueg > 4 YouTube Tutorials + Instructions

Post #22 SH5 Single Play Campaign Progress – Workaround By Vecko

Post #23 Let’s Play Silent Hunter 5 Battle Of The Atlantic (TWOS) 2016 > Empty Cup (Shaefer) > Latest Episode 18th February 2019

Post #25 TDW's NewUi 7-4-2 Installing It Correctly > Pictorial > Includes Download Link

Post #26 How To Get Fuel With No Re-supply

Post #27 Crew Commands & Icon Positions For TDW's NewUI

Post #28 JSGME Mod Validator Instructions

Post #29 Silent Hunter Mod Validator Instructions

Post #30 Installing Gramophone Music

Post #31 Stop Those Circling Torpedoes > Pictorial

Post #35 Beginners Guide To Manual Targeting

Post #37 Intercepting A Convoy Having Received BDU Radio Message By Stoianm > 3 YouTube Tutorials + Instructions

Post #38 J.P.C. 45 Degree Method SHV Revised For Tutorial > Pictorial > YouTube Tutorial

Post #39 TDW Generic File Patcher Replacing My Old One With A New One!

Post #40 How To Enable Decks Awash > Pictorial

Post #41 How To Change Map And Tool Colors In TDW's Generic File Patcher (GFP) > Pictorial

Post #45 Can I Skip The Silent Hunter 5 Tutorial?

Post #47 Beginners Guide To Auto TDC

Post #48 Why You Should Be Making Manual Saves

Post #49 Lost Your Bearings? > This Might Just Put You Right

Post #52 Career History CFG File Why You Need To Make A Copy Of It > Pictorial

Post #56 TDW’s Generic File Patcher Illustrated Settings You Can Use In Yours > Pictorial

Post #57 Using The 4 Bearing True Method By Trevally

Post #58 New Mod For SH5 (RUSTED GLORY)

Post #59 Convoy Hunting For Ships In The Same Row By Stoianm> 4 YouTube Tutorials + Instructions

Post #60 Convoy Hunting For Ships In The Same Column By Stoianm
> 3 YouTube Tutorials + Instructions

Post #61 Game Play Settings In Silent Hunter 5

Post #62 TDW’s Generic File Patcher > Taking A Snapshot > Disabling Patches > Restoring A Snapshot > Pictorial

Post #63 How Do I Know Which U-Boat I Have?

Post #64 Open Horizons II > Campaign Dates > Bases > U-Boats > An Essential Guide

Post #69 Play Silent Hunter 5 Offline! > Pictorial

Post #70 How To Use The Free Registry Cleaner 'Ccleaner' > Pictorial > Includes Download Link

Post #71 What You Can Do When You Finish Your Mission Early In SH5

Post #74 Run Both SH5.exe And Ubisoft Game Launcher Application's As Administrator's > Pictorial

Post #77 JSGME Enabling Mods Correctly > Pictorial

Post #96 R.P.M. Hydrophone How To Get The Contact's Speed > Pictorial > YouTube Tutorial

Post #97 SH5 Game Launcher Install It Anywhere On Any Drive
> Includes Download Link

Post #104 How To Enable The Periscope Filters > Pictorial

Post #107 U-Jagd Graph For Easy Referencing By Marco1971 > Pictorial

Post #108 U-Jagd Tutorial For Silent Hunter 5 > YouTube Tutorial > Graph + Instructions

Post #111 FX_Update_0_0_22_ByTheDarkWraith How To Enable Correctly > Pictorial

Post #112 How Can I Get A Better Frame Rate In Silent Hunter 5?

Post #113 Stopwatch By Shmal > Adds a Swastika To The Stopwatch > Picture

Post #114 Can I See My Frame Rate When I am Playing?

Post #115 Essential Silent Hunter 5 Information From sober

Post #116 How Can I tell What I Need To Do In A Campaign?

Post #117 EQuaTools > Pictures Of All The Tools Available > Pictorial

Post #118 Moving Steam To A Different Directory

Post #119 See All 28 Mods In Dynamic Environment v2.9 SH5 + New Additions

Post #123 Captain's Log 0000-00-00 Corruption And How To Correct It > Pictorial

Post #124 JSGME Saving A Mod Profile Tutorial 1 Of 4 > Pictorial

Post #125 JSGME Adding A New Mod To A New Position Tutorial 2 Of 4 > Pictorial

Post #139 JSGME How To Move A Mod To A New Position In A Mep File Tutorial 3 Of 4 > Pictorial

Post #140 JSGME How To Delete/Remove An Overwritten Mod By Using A Mep File Tutorial 4 Of 4 > Pictorial

Post #141 Various Charts Used In SH5 > Pictorial

Post #146 Auto TDC Targeting Without Using 3 Circles > Pictorial

Post #150 Let's Play Silent Hunter 5, The Wolves Of Steel Modpack By Potus > Includes Full Enigma Machine Tutorial > Episode 4

Post #157 How To Replace a Faulty SH5 Game Launcher > Pictorial

Post #160 Using The RAOBF Wheel In Silent Hunter 5 > 3 YouTube Tutorials + Instructions

Post #161 TDW’s Generic File Patcher Steam Installation Instructions By sirrawsrsalot > Updated Version

Post #162 An Easy Way Into Real Navigation > New and Revised > Pictorial

Post #163 Changing The Crew Voice Files From English To German

Post #166 Having Difficult With Manual TDC After Using Auto TDC?

Post #168 Fed Up Receiving The “BE MORE AGGRESSIVE” Radio Message

Post #169 How To Use The Kriegsmarine Grid Numbers
> Pictorial

Post #170 Clearer Water Visibility Options > Download Link > Enable JSGME

Post #171 Ubisoft Game Launcher How To Fix It And The Windows Error Message
> Pictorial

Post #180 How To Stop Uplay Crashing To Your Desk Top?

Post #183 R.S.D. Hydrophone (KDB) Destruction Fix

Post #184 How To See Contacts > Warships > Merchants > Submarines In The Hydrophone Station

Post #185 How To Download Mods And Put Them In The Mods Folder

Post #188 Revised Campaign Fix And Working Tonnage Bar By MaMa > Version 2 > Pictorial > New Information From vdr1981 (Vecko)

Post #232 TDW’s Options File Editor Viewer Making Changes Using The Py File > Pictorial

Post #234 How To Convert Kilometres To Knots.

Post #235
How To Calculate A Targets Speed By Using The Periscope Cross Hairs

Post #237 How To Post A Picture To A Subsim Post Part 1 > Using The Picture Viewer > IrfanView > Pictorial

Post #238 How To Post A Picture To A Subsim Post Part 2 > Using The Uploader > Postimage > Pictorial

Post #239 Changing The Nvidia GPU Settings > Essential Settings > Pictorial

Post #240 Changing AMD Radeon GPU Settings > Essential Settings

Post #241 silentotto > How To Play Any Of The Open Horizon Campaigns > Pictorial

Post #303) GPU Driver Roll Back To A Previous Version > Pictorial

Post #304 How To Change Your Renown When In The Bunker > Pictorial

Post #305 Have You A Font Size Problem With 2560 x 1440 Resolution?

Post #306 Why Does My 4K TV Show 4K At 60Hz But Only 1440P At 30Hz?

Post #307 THEBERBSTER'S The Wolves of Steel JSGME Mods Lists With And Without Real Navigation > 100% CTD Free

Post #409 How To Use Speech Recognition MiTons NewUI Editon v0.4.1 English In SH5 > Pictorial

Post #410 How To Start A New Campaign In SH5 > Pictorial

Post #411 Air Bases England, Scotland, Northern Ireland Showing Patrol Areas > Pictorial

Post #412 Override High DPI Scaling Behavior > Pictorial

Post #413 Orders To The Crew (Not TWoS) Can Be Found Here > Pictorial

Post #414 How To Use Fat Torpedoes In Silent Hunter 5 > Pictorial

Post #415 How Too Add Your Captains Name And U-Boat Number To Your Game > Pictorial

Post #416
Enigma Machine Code Breaking When You Do Not Have The Time > Pictorial

Post #417 How To Run The SH5.exe As Administrator > Pictorial

Post #418 Editing [DEVELOPING] When Using TDW's NewUI 7-4-2 And 7-5-0 Versions > Pictorial

Post #419 How To Send Radio Reports > Pictorial

Post #420 Download Interruption Fixes > Pictorial

Post #432 Keyboard Changes Needed In The Options File Editor Viewer (OFEV) with Church's SHV 1.01 Keyboard Commands 1.1 Mod > Pictorial

Post #433 A Pictorial Step By Step Guide Through The Wolves Of Steel (TWOS) Installer > Pictorial

Post #434 Installing The Options File Editor Viewer (OFEV) In The Wolves Of Steel (TWOS) Mega Mod + Making Changes To Patches Now And Later > Pictorial

Post #435 You Can Have More Than 1 Silent Hunter 5 Game By Using the MultSH5 Application > Pictorial

Post #436 Automation! > What Is It? > How Does It Work? > Let’s Check It Out > Pictorial

Post #437 Automation > How To Assign Hotkeys > Part 1 > Pictorial

Post #438 Automation > How To Assign Hotkeys Part 2 > Continued from Post #437 > Pictorial

Post #439 How To Set Up The Options File Editor Viewer (OFEV) Automation Hotkeys > Pictorial

Post #440 Different Types Of Keyboards Used In Silent Hunter 5 > Pictorial

Post #441 German to English Translations Rankings and Submarine Terms In Silent Hunter III & V

Post #442 Enlarging the SH3 Dials UI for SH5 > Zoom Time Changing > Changing the X and Y Axis > Pictorial > Includes Download Link

Post #444 A Visual Display And Understanding Of TDW’S Option File Editor Viewer (OFEV) Part 1

Post #445 A Visual Display And Understanding Of TDW’S Option File Editor Viewer (OFEV) Part 2

Post #446 The Wolves of Steel (TWOS) Restore Captains Icons Pack V.2 by JCWolf > Pictorial > Includes Download Link > Enable JSGME

Post #448 How To Change Game Play Settings At Sea When On Patrol

Post #450 Sub Systems German to English Translations Type IIA > Pictorial

Downloads > Mods > Post Links > TWoS Information <

4GB Patch-NTCore Read information before Downloading

4 Ways to Fix Uplay Failed to Start Download Error By TechWhoop

7th Flotilla for Western Approaches (TWoS) by Cybermat47

9 SH5 Backed Up Stock Game Files

A Guide to Historical TWoS Gameplay by Cybermat47

Adding Crew Points Wth Silentotto By vdr1981

A Message From TheDarkWraith For Those Who Have The Steam Version Of the Game

All 3d models from Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic

Antilag By Kegetys > Curing Lagging > Stutter > Seizures > Manually Set The Frame Rate For Low FPS Problems

Auxiliary Cruiser Guns By Cybermat47 & V13dweller

Binoculars With Bearings By Torpedo V1 > Enable JSGME

Binoculars And Periscope Without Bearings By Torpedo V2 > Enable JSGME

Binoculars Without Bearings V3 by Torpedo > Enable JSGME

Black Screen Problem With Windows 10 Creator Version1703 Using The Windows Trouble Shooter To Fix The Problem

Ccleaner Free Registry Cleaner > Includes Download Link > Essential Application When Re-installing Any SH Version

Change Days In Bunker > Enable JSGME

Church's SHV 1.01 Keyboard Commands > Replaces The W-A-S-D Keys > Enable JSGME Last

Clean The Map By Torpedo

Critical Hits v 1.2 For The Deck Gun > Enable JSGME

Das_Boot_Crew_Mod_TDW's_NewUIs_TDC_7_5_0_version18 _By_Illyustrator > Enable JSGME

Das Boat Music > DBSM_Music_1_0_5

Das Boat Crew Speech > DBSM_Speech_1_0_5

DeckKannonMatrix > Enable JSGME

Depth_Keeping_Problem_TheDarkWraith > Enable Last JSGME
Not needed if TDW's Generic File Patcher Application is installed.

DirectX 9.0C > Download Link > Essential Application For All SH Versions

DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer

English Crew Voices By Kevinsue

English Version Speech Fixes And Additions By KarlKoch

Equipment_Upgrades_Fix_v1_4_Patch_1_Hotfix_2 (without date) By Choum > Enable JSGME

External U-Boat Markers by Venatore > TWoS Compatible > Enable JSGME

Free Torpedo Preheat for TWoS by Cybermat47

German Language Mod for The Wolves Of Steel > Enable JSGME

German U-Boat Crew Language Pack By Venatore > Enable JSGME

GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program

Goblin Editor The Complete Idiots Guide (large image warning)

Goblin Editor To Work In Windows 8.1

Harbour Charts 1.0 By DieReeperbahn

Harbour_Addition_Environment_Enhancement Mod v0.5 for Open Horizons By HansSolo78 > Enable JSGME

HCT_Deutsche U-Boote Theme > Enable JSGME

High Contrast Nav Map With Inverse Shallow Colour By Nisgeis> 3 Map Options To Choose From > Enable JSGME

Historical Torpedo Ranges and Speeds TWoS Tested By Cybermat4

How To Edit Sim Files >The Complete Idiots Guide to Goblin Editor (large image warning)

How to Fix 2560x1440 Errors > Download Tool

How To Transfer SH5 From Your Old System To A New One By Sjizzle

How To Transfer SH5 From Your Old System To A New One By Trevally

How To Use: TheDarkWraith .GR2 Editor

How To Use The Patrol Grid Reference Explained By Mobucks & joselillpdl

Hydrophone Tracker v1.1b Tool For 4 Bearings Method By Gutted

Join The Official Subsim Steam Group

JSGME (Jones Soft Generic Mod Enabler)

JSGME Common Errors And Possible Solutions By Mikemike47

JSGME PDF User Guide for the (Jones Soft Generic Mod Enabler)

KDB Hydrophone Depth Destruction Fix > Enable JSGME

Kriegsmarine Grid Map Atlantic

KSDCommander SH5

Low FPS Try This From GT182

Malwarebytes Free Anti-Malware Software To Protect Your System > Includes Download Link

Map Contact Colors (Red-Blue-Green) Mod Replaces The Grey Color Ones Used In Mega Mods > Enable JSGME

Mega Mod with MagUI interface "Wolfes From The Deep"

Menu Editor Tutorial By Karamazovnew

Menu Editor Tutorial By Reaper7

Multiple Silent Hunter 5 Installs [S5M]_MULTiSH5 By BL!TZKE!EG

Naights Submarine Textures (interior) > Enable JSGME

New Creaks And Ambience By Kevinsue > Enable JSGME

nVidia missing lights > Enable JSGME > Included In TWOS

New UI's Dirty Periscope Masks By Gap > Enable JSGME

OHII 2.x New Start VIIB Converted To OHII v2.5 By vdr1981

OH II v2.5 Grid Request fix Patch SH5 > Enable JSGME

OHII v2.5_Flag_Wind_Patch > Enable JSGME

One Ship, One Torpedo v1.00 > Enable JSGME

Overlay For TAI and Navigation Maps For SH5 By Shmal > Enable JSGME


Playable U-FlaK for SH5 > Enable JSGME

Real Navigation - Target Motion Analysis Cheat Sheet By palmic

Real Navigation - How To Prepare A Torpedo Attack With Basic Trigonometry By palmic

Real Navigation - Perfectly Controlled Approach By palmic

Real Navigation YouTube Tutorials By Sjizzle

Real U-Boat Performance - Type VII by vdr1981 > Enable JSGME

Restore The Captain’s Face By Torpedo > Enable JSGME

RPM Hydrophone -MOD-SH5 By Macardigan > Enable JSGME

R.S.D. - Reworked Submarine Damage (Updated Version) By vdr1981 > Enable JSGME

RUSTED GLORY SH5 (Mega Mods Compatible)By totheorder > Enable JSGME


Scapa Flow East Entrance Guide And Maps For Breaking The Fortress By SS Norholm.

SD_MapLocationFix v1 mod by Seeadler
> Enable JSGME

SH Keymapper For SH3-4-5 By jimimadrid

SH5 Gramophone Shuffler > Enable JSGME

SH5 Mod Guide For Beginners

SH5 Quick Start Guide By Harmsway

SH5: TWoS/OHII Singleplay Campaign Progress - Workaround

Silent CTD Hunter By vdr1981

Silent Hunter 5 Tactics & Tips - "How do I?" & FAQ'S! READ IF YOU ARE STUCK

silentmichal's new interior mod (main mod 1.2.4 + patch 1.2.4b > Enable JSGME

SilentMichal’s Radio Room QR1 Changes By TheBeast > Enable JSGME

Silent 3ditor By skwasjer

Silent3Ditor Configurator (S3D-CFG) By Rosomaha

Sobers Subsim Bonus Mega Mod All In One Version 1421 20072017 > Thread (Posts 1-2-3-4-5-6

sobers 7A_B deck crew moved for Shaefer > Enable JSGME

Speech Fixes And Additions English And German Versions > Enable JSGME

Speech Recognition for SH5 By Skwasjer > Enable JSGME

STAINED BEAUTY SH5 By totheorder

Start From Where You Want, At Any Date Tutorial By XenonSurf

Steam Application Loading Error Fix By Cyborg322

Steam Problems With TDW’s Generic File Patcher Check Out Installing An XP Virtual Machine For Any Windows OS

Stock Game Default 9 Files Before Installing TDW’s Generic File Patcher

Stormys DBSM v1.3

Stormys DBSM SH5 v1.3 Additional Crew Sounds Beta6

Stormys DBSM SH5 v1.3 Hotfix 3

Stormys DBSM SH5 v1.3 Optional Louder Engine Sounds

Stormys DBSM SH5 v1.3 Optional No Magic Skills Mod German Dialogs

Sweet FX for SH5 > Enable JSGME

TDC Real Navigation Tutorial With 100% Realism by hawaiian_hero (English)

TDW Generic File Patcher > Download Link

TDW Options File Editor Viewer > Download Link

The 4 Bearing Method v1 by Kuikueq > Pictorial

The 4 Bearing Method v2 by Kuikueq > Pictorial

The SH5 Eco Mod By gap

The SH5 German Language Patch (Deutscher Sprachpatch) by Raven Corax

The Wolf Pack A Collection Of U-Boat Modelling Articles

The Wolves of Steel (TWoS)_Alternative Campaign Progression > PDF Instructions

The_Wolves_of_Steel (TwoS) F.A.Q.'s and Gameplay Tips > PDF Instructions

The Wolves of Steel TWoS Remove Compass From Binoculars

The Wolves Of Steel Campaign (TWoS) Transfer New Information 7th May 2018 > Important New Information

The Wolves Of Steel Mega Mod (TWoS) By vdr1981 > Highly Recommended For All SH5 Players

The Wolves Of Steel (TWoS) English Crew Voices By Kevinsue

The Wolves Of Steel (TWoS) German Language Mod > Enable JSGME

The Wolves Of Steel (TWoS) How to Enable Auto TDC Targeting > And How To Test It

The Wolves Of Steel (TWoS) How To Prepare Torpedo Attacks With Basic Trigonometry By Palmic

The Wolves Of Steel Mega Mod TWoS) > How To Enable Map Contacts

The Wolves Of Steel *TWoS) Glass Covers For The SH3 GUI Style Dials Add on Mod By vdr1981 > Enable JSGME

The Wolves of Steel (TWoS) & KSDCommander > PDF Instructions

The Wolves of SteelTWoS) Maintaining Extreme Depth with type VIIC/41 U-boat

The Wolves of Steel (TWOS) Restore Captains Icons Pack V.2 by JCWolf > See Post#446 For Installation Instructions

UMarks for SH3 and 5 By duckyll

Unscratched Optics for Large Optics v1.4 With Deck Gun Options By LesBaker > Enable JSGME

UPlay PC error 'procedure entry point not located in dynamic link library libcef.dll' > Various Fixes For Missing UPlay Launcher File


VIIC41 Sub Mod For Stock By thadgar

Why Is It Possible To Mark An X Anywhere On The Map And Have That Represent The Position Of Your U-Boat? By Anton Dvorak

Yes - Wolfpacks are working in SH5 By Trevally

7-Zip > Essential Application For Downloading Mods And Applications

Courtesy acknowledgement to vdr1981 (Vecko) and all other contributors who have helped to make this Tutorial thread worthwhile.

TIP > Shade the text > Copy & Paste and save to a Notepad on your PC = Hard Copy

Need answers to questions. > Just send me a PM and I will do my best to help you.

NOOB questions answered willingly.

Looking for a mod you cannot find then maybe I can help you from my large mod collection > PM me.

Dock the Stock > Come On Board With Mods > With Help From TheBerbster

This 'Central Hub' has been created to answer frequently asked questions that appear on the 'Forum' Good Hunting Peter

Please report any 'Download Links' not working.

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