Work continues to save retired Navy ship named for Iowa’s Sullivan brothers

Work is continuing today in Buffalo, New York, to save the retired Navy ship named for Iowa’s Sullivan brothers.

The hull of the decommissioned USS The Sullivans breached last week, causing the World War II-era ship to start taking on water. Divers are working to patch the hull. They’re also working to try and stop diesel fuel and hydraulic oil from leaking into the water. New York Senator and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is calling on federal money to help with the repair efforts.

The vessel is named after Waterloo’s five Sullivan brothers — George, Francis, Joseph, Madison and Albert. The brothers died aboard the USS Juneau when the ship was torpedoed and sunk off Guadalcanal during World War II. More than $1 million was raised last year to repair the ship’s breached hull. The USS The Sullivans is one of four decommissioned Naval vessels at the park.


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