Now an official part of the Wolfpack game development roadmap. Convoy battle royale. Player vs player: 4 corvettes with 5 players each vs 4 U-boats with 5 players each.

Hello, I am Koji Kamori as many would call me over via Steam and Discord and I am working on what is more or less the expansion of Wolfpack to include playable escort ships. First of all, let’s clear a few elephants in the room; I am not a developer associated with Usurpator AB, I am an independent developer working exclusively on this project. Second, No Koji isn’t my real name nor do I live in Japan however is a name I had since Middle School so it sorta stuck.

This project I started back in around June of 2019 and been working on modeling the Flower Corvette, starting with just an idea, I shared a few teasers over on the official discord channel for Wolfpack and it quickly gained traction. I have the full blessing of the developers to pursue this project and have been in continual contract with them, they even gave me my own channel in the official discord just to better communicate and is where I share heavily my progress of the project.

I started with the Flower Class as a dip of the toe in the pond to see how it would go, I thought myself that it would be simple enough as the Corvette and the U-boat are quite similar to another, well matched. One main deck gun, replace the torpedoes with depth charges, roughly the same size in length, so on and so forth. I started to delve into who else has made models of the ship and there is where I fell down the rabbit hole in how much references and books I found with plans and lay outs of the entire ship, I had it really made or so I though.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!