USS COD to make its way to Don Jon Shipbuilding later this month

For the first time since 1963, a World War II submarine is being dry docked for repairs.

The USS COD will make its way from Cleveland to Don Jon Shipbuilding and repairs later this month.

The submarine’s steel is starting to deteriorate after years of exposure to salt and freshwater.

In 1986 the submarine was deemed a floating museum and a national historic landmark.

The general manager of Don Jon said that his workers are excited for the opportunity.

“Extremely rare opportunity for us. There’s not many World War II subs and certainly not many World War II subs here on the Great Lakes. So this is a one off opportunity, and jumped out the opportunity to be able to you know help repair and make some improvements in this museum, but I’m going to share some of our naval heritage,” said Rick Hammer, General Manager of Don Jon.

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