US, British Ballistic Missile Submarines Appear Next To Each Other In A ‘Very Rare’ Show Of Strength

The new photograph of the sub next to one of her British counterparts was released on December 13.

The recently released image also shows an MH-60R Seahawk helicopter from Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 72 (HSM-72) and an E-6B Mercury aircraft from Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron Four (VQ-4) flying above two nuclear submarines.

The exact location where the photo of the submarines and planes was captured is unknown. However, the US Navy stated that the photograph was taken on November 22.

It is important to note that the Navy’s Submarine Force Atlantic issued the picture. It has its headquarters at Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads in Virginia and essentially regulates Navy submarine activities in the western Atlantic.

According to the photo’s caption, the newly disclosed bilateral at-sea training involving the USS Tennessee and the Vanguard class vessel was intended to validate tactics, techniques, and procedures that enhance the bond between close Allies in support of deterrence and collective security.

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