U-51 Kapitänleutnant Hans Felix Hartmann Patrol Log

Schiff 35 entered the North Sea and 3 days later made for the Straits of Dover, transited the English Channel, and finally entered the North Atlantic. Schiff 35 retained her disguise as the Hamfels and on February 11th she crossed the Strait of Gibraltar. Schiff 35 was ordered to patrol the Gulf of Valencia. Her orders were most clear, she was to stop a ship and announce that she will be boarded. The boarding party commander is to present the ship as “Boarding ship 30” if the vessel is carrying contraband for the enemy she is to be scuttled. The following day Schiff 35’s crew got out the scaffolding and paint brushes and removed all DDG Hansa colors from the funnel and was painted black.

On February 13th a liner came into view closing to 1700m this vessel was flying no flag so by lamp Hartmann signaled “stop ship and prepare to be boarded”. The boarding party under L.z.S Schmidt went aboard and discovered that the mystery ship was a Spanish Republican ship and she was carrying supplies provided by the Soviets. The 60 man crew was ordered to abandon ship and the demolition officer Oblt.z.S Wolff set charges in the engine room, boiler room, and in the holds at 07:20 the ship goes up and 6 minutes later sinks over the stern. She was the Campillo 8,002 grt.

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