U-51 arrives at Kiel – A Game Report

Posted by Jason Jara

(U-27 was sunk by depth charges she sank 20 ships for roughly 55,000 grt)

8/25/1939 Baltic, Meme Harbor 1st day at sea

U-51 (VIIB) arrived from Kiel on August 10th and her Kommandant Kapitänleutnant Helmuth Miller was replaced by Oblt.z.S Felix Hartmann, on 8/20 Hartmann received his orders (make for naval square AO 95 and await further orders) in 5 days U-51 took on torpedoes, ammunition, and stores alongside the tanker Ermland. Today U-51 departed Memel at 15:00 hrs.
For this series of patrols I won’t be writing a KTB nor will I be using maps, reports, etc. what I’ll do instead is for every four or five ships sunk I’ll make a post with the usual info, pics, etc.

A U-838 style of war patrol won’t be happening for a while I’ll wait until mkiii finishes the type IX boat in the meantime I’ll just get some preliminary plans going.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!