Translation (voices and text) Spanish language for Cold Waters


The MOD is available for free at Subsim Page, in Download Section, like Spanish TMOD.


Amateur and non-oficial complete translation (including voices and text) to spanish languague for Cold Waters final update 1.15g (release date: 06/08/2018).

New spanish voices.
Spanish translation of Main Menu and in-game Interface.
Spanish translation of help menú (description and images).
Spanish translation of Training missions.
Spanish translation of description of single missions.
Spanish translation of description of units: aircraft, vessel, weapons and sensors.
Spanish translation of all Campaings: missions events and descriptions.
Spanish translation of Quick mission editor.


Beta Version 0.1. – April 2020.
Inital version of open beta Spanish TMOD.
Beta Version 0.2. – May 2020.
Included missing files in Campaings 1 and 2 (mission events and descriptions) added from 1.07d to 1.15g end version.
Fixed bug that caused the game to freeze during opening Campaigns 1 and 2 events (error in txt files content of warstatus1 and 2).
Fixed bug opening missions screen like no. 12 (error in txt files of vesssels).
Other minor changes in Main Menu and Help Menú.

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