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Grey Wolf 
Hunter of the North Atlantic


Grey Wolf is a journeyman's U-boat sim. While it doesn't give you the number of options that Aces does, it does allow you to have free run of your boat, from the forward torpedo room to the engine rooms aft. 

  •  Your missions place you directly in the combat zone so you need to plot your intercept course and plan your strategy right away.


  • Remember, the AI in Grey Wolf does permit the surface ships to "see" your scope, so minimize the time you spend looking at your targets.  They will come after you if they "see" it.


  • Keep track of the number of torpedoes in your stores. Use them up and you cannot complete the mission successfully.




Click here!Delighted by the point and click interface?  The only aspect that puzzles some newbie players is getting out of the "Dial window" back to the control room. Merely move the pointer off the dial or gauge but still within the small window and click. This should bring you back to the control room.


Grey Wolf holds a neat little easter egg for those who explore the captain's quarters. One of the functions in the skipper's room is the PAUSE function. To pause the game, click on the captain's bunk. While you're laying there, hover your point around the picture on the wall above you for the inscription "Uta, Your Love".


greytip1.jpg (107846 bytes)In the Electric Room, aft of the Engine Room, there's a working battery level gauge on the starboard side of the boat.


 To check the number of torpedoes remaining, click the Assignment paper on the chart table.


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