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1914: Shells of Fury


Graphics card issues

Shells of Fury may shut down at the initial loading screen on computers with ATI graphic cards. There is a simple fix for this. Maat discovered that SOF doesn't support shaders from ATI cards but you can tweak your ATI card with ATI Tray Tools, a free and useful application. Here's how you can get ATI Tray Tools and get Shells of Fury up and running.

Download ATI Tray Tools here

  • After downloading, run the setup. When the application is installed and running, you will see a small red and white icon next to your clock in the lower right-hand corner.  Right-click it and go to Tweaks/Standard Tweaks.




Set the shader and vertex at 2.0, click OK

Restart Shells of Fury, it should run normally. Note: If you quit the game and try to start it later, and it shuts down at the loading screen like before, right-click your Tray Tools icon and exit it. Then restart Tray Tools and try it.

Thanks to Maat for this tip! Forum details here.









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