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Pirates of the Caribbean



The original Sea Dogs was a glorious adventure with great graphics. Sea Dogs II, retitled Pirates of the Caribbean to ride a tie-in with the film to commercial success, looks to eclipse the original.



  • In the early stages your character isn't very adept at fighting. Use you first skill points for melee (and commerce).
  • Be sure and don't forget the scoundrel's most reliable tactic when fighting superior forces--run away! You can defeat two enemies by running and gunning, using your pistol and running while reloading.
  • Blocking seems to keep your damage to a minimum.


Trading Spreadsheet by Forward Observer


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  • Use the Spacebar to initiate conversations and open doors instead of the over-complicated command menu.
  • Are there brigands in your path? Go around and run away.
  • Having trouble getting past the French guards at the Oxbay gate? Rush past them, they are too stupid to follow you through the gate or raise an alarm.
  • If you put into port at night, you can go to the tavern and ask the barkeeper for a room. Once in the room, the night passes in a few seconds and you can re-enter the tavern and then go into the street--presto! It's day.
  • Trapped on Dowesen Island: When you lose your fleet and wake up on Dowesen shore without a ship or gold, you get directed to go and look for work from the Dowesen pirates ... but there is small problem ... they are hostile to you! Solution: Save after you wash up on beach. Go into the jungle and take the first right. Should take you to the pirate fort. There is one ship looking for crew. Find the captain in the tavern. Fight him. If you win, you will win the ship and crew. Sail on to Islle Muella and find your old ship and crew waiting for you. If pirate bands block you before you can get to the fort, step back and forth at the interface between the jungle and the beach. The mobs seem to spawn random places each time the area is re-initialized. Just keep trying until they are not in they way. This works in many places where the spawn is random. By Baddog
  • Increase game speed by using the *  key on the keypad.
  • F1 is the main menu key
  • Use the spyglass at sea by hitting the CTRL key.
  • During Sword fights, hold the block key down and hit Enter, Enter, Enter for a quick hit on the health juice.
  • More to come!

The World of POTC Map

Scumdog's Seamap by "Elder-Pirate"

Weapon Locations

Dual Barreled pistol
Isla Muelle, House
Quad Pistol
Douwesen, Shore (in ship wreck)
Dragons Tongue
Douwesen, Dungeon
Oxbay, Dungeon
Oxbay, Dungeon
Redmond, Dungeon
Maltese knight sword
Conceicao, Hidden Cave


Remember Danielle Greene? The super hot lady pirate? She was featured in Sea Dogs II promotional material but Bethesda let good sense hold them back and she went MIA. Well, you can be her, along with any of the 142 or so player models. By Lamu.

To do so in a new game:
Open up INSTALLDIR\Program\Characters\characters_init.c in notepad.

Go down to the line that looks like: makeref(ch,Characters[0]);

From there, here are things that are safe to change without breaking the game: = "Blaze"; // Change first name
ch.lastname = "Devlin"; // Change last name
ch.model = "Blaze"; // Pick any of the models from INSTALLDIR\RESOURCE\MODELS\Characters = "man"; // Can be man or woman, change if the player animations look odd

You can also just alter your name for the whole game and your starting skills:


open the file with notepad:
search for "hawk" and you're in the right line.

change the setting to your liking.

Start a NEW game - you cannot alter the saved game or character.

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