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Iron Wolves is not currently online or available, even with emulators. But if you're interested, here are the Tips & Tactics we collected when Iron Wolves was in its glory days!

Iron Wolves is the first 24-7 web subsim. It features a great social atmosphere and competitive gameplay. Here are a few tactical suggestions to try.

Battle Tactics
John "1baddude" Simmons

Submarine role

Accuracy :

Practice and then practice more. The most important thing to learn in a sub is
to get your shots accurate.  I would log in at two am and there was nobody on
the water and I practiced long shooting drones. (Tip) This ones simple, Long
shoot them before they even know your around.

Depth :

I stay at 5 meters to avoid torpedoes. You cannot be sunk at this depth. Going
deep is just prolonging your agony. (Tip) Assuming that your target is coming
at you from some front angle head them off at the pass. Coming up a little bit at
a time and hold at 2 meters to avoid gun fire. Anticipate the Hedge Hogs if its a
corvette and surface. Turn into the target and fire then break away and as soon
as your sure your clear of DC's, Dive to avoid guns and side torps.

Heavy Submarines :

I hear everyone say heavy subs are too slow. Heavy subs are by far the fastest
and most ruthless ship on the water. ( In my opinion ) They surface and dive a
lot faster than a regular sub giving you the ability to shoot and dive. Your rear
torps give you the ability to protect your back side however its not a good idea
to let a surface craft get behind you. (Tip) Take on multiple surface ships at
once. Use 5 meters to run at and  2 meters when close to battling. Wait till the
last second to come up. Make your shot and dive trying to hold 2 meters. This
is a great time to take advantage of your rear torps. Remember against a
destroyer you must clear his dept charges and also get below 5 meters
before the side torpedoes arrive.

Head on battles :

I don't like to even tell people this because its so easy to figure out and so easy
to win You are in a head on with another sub and you see his torps launch. You
fire yours a few seconds later both torps on there target but yours hit first and
you won. How could this happen ? (Tip) You have your sub in reverse and the
other sub is coming forward thus closing the gap almost 2-1 which makes your
torpedoes zoom to there target while the others torps seem in slow motion. Also
when firing torps in reverse it increases your angles much greater.

Patience :

This is my biggest enemy. I often unload my torps to find myself scrambling
for cover. If its time to shoot don't shoot all four torps unless your real close,
your long shooting somebody and are clear of other ships or  in a head on
battle with another sub.

Drones :

Battle drones submerged and head on in reverse and conserve your shots till
the Destroyers real close. Drones always drop way out in front of you and will
never DC you if you do this.

Complexity :

Comparatively a submarine is much more complex than the other ships but they
certainly may not be the best. My ship of choice is a submarine but the ability to
hide should be the last thing you look at. Instead the ability to be a force to reckon
with should be your main goal. Learn the sub good, It will help your side torp'n
in a destroyer and give you a better view on how to drive a surface craft.


Accuracy :

I believe the better your connection is the faster your guns will hit their target. I
also believe in keeping your target in the bridge window except when I have a
submerged submarine to my sides. Then I will focus on the sub and let my guns
shoot away. (Tip) Focus on 3 power at the craft you want to destroy. keep it in
your window to help avoid loss of gun lock.

Submarine Battles :

Usually you will find yourself with a submarine to the side. Focus x3 and watch
for the torps. As soon as you see them hit reverse. Anticipate a rear shot and
then go forward. Sometimes its necessary to come to a complete stop.

Practice :

Once again practice is the key to everything. It's my dedication to the game that
made me one of the better players on the water.


If you use Windows 95 You may need to install Microsoft's DirectX setup package for Iron Wolves to run. Download Iron Wolves first, as described above, and if IW complains about not finding DSOUND.DLL download the DirectX setup package:


Make a new folder for DirectX.

Save DIRECTX.EXE (size: 1650281) in the folder you made.

Double click on the DIRECTX.EXE file.

Run DXSetup, and install, if necessary.

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