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Enigma: Rising Tide


It's a whole 'nother world with Enigma: Rising Tide. Following an alternate history allows the game concept to introduce weapons and ships that may appear similar to their historical counterparts but possess different capabilities. Submarines that can reload torpedoes much quicker than in Silent Hunter II or Aces of the Deep, and carry far more; the all-purpose radar/sonar provides more info than real life. Yet, for a game that is slated to serve as a massively multiplayer online game, these historical deviations may be a big plus for sustained playability and improved access by new players. One thing is certain, playing Enigma requires different tactics than previous WWII subsims.



  • If you get an "Enigma error" when the mission finishes loading, uninstall and reinstall Enigma, it tales care of the problem.





Enigma is essentially a sub vs. destroyer game loosely based on the Battle of the Atlantic. With the single-player version, each mission is objective based. There are some basic techniques that will aid you in achieving the mission objective and avoiding the famous "fade to black" scene.



  • Use low speeds when enemy ships are at close range. Cut engines for maximum stealth.
  • Take advantage of the AI deck gunner when aircraft attack.
  • When tackling corvettes and destroyers, don't fire all your fish in one salvo--save one for the last second, down-the-throat shot if the enemy evades your first shots.
  • Your deck gun is very powerful but you are more susceptible to enemy guns than they are to you.
  • If being depth-charged, change depth frequently and use your engines at Flank when the charges drop.
  • Take the "incoming torpedo" warning bell very seriously.



  • Your job is to safeguard the merchants and seek out the subs. Be aggressive.
  • When closing on an enemy sub, remember the tactics he will be using. Fake him out with a few phony approaches. Make him launch his torps at your wake. Bear in mind, however, he can reload very quickly.
  • Ramming is an effective and socially acceptable method of dispatching sub commanders.
  • Conserve your depth charges and fire only when you have a bright red sonar blip and you are confident your approach is spot on.
Fire your hedgehogs when the target is between the 2nd and 4th ring on the 500m screen. Use surface ships to gauge ranges with submerged targets


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Jesper's Single Player Tips

Surface Ship Missions

You just have got to pull yourself through the first 3 missions on the corvette, then you will be promoted to a destroyer escort, with lots more firepower

A little trick to win those 3 is simply to ram the enemy subs, (this little trick has been addressed in the retail edition, with improved AI) if you having problems with hitting anything with depth charges.

Remember to have your binocs on as much as possible so you can see which direction the subs are going and so you can see from where and how incoming torpedoes are coming at you so you can manually evade.

Usually you would never approach the sub's frontal area but if you have guts, and don't mind getting sunk a couple times, I recommend it  with the corvette missions. It takes time to learn how to evade and sail in and out 4 incoming torpedoes, but if you manage that you have a  green light at closing on the sub, either to ram it or drop some depth charges.

AI subs won't fire at you until you're within 1KM.


Submarine Missions

Always crash dive when the torpedo alarm goes off (17-20 meters depth is enough).

Always go at 1/3 speed when you have enemies within the 4KM barrier (except tankers and merchants).

Use your targeting binocs at 2x as the main setting.

Hold your fire until the enemies are within 5-700 meters (except tankers and merchants). I prefer to sink them at 1-200 meters because they don't have time to evade. It's risky and you need some experience before you can pull that trick off in the later missions.

When aiming at enemy ships (except tankers and merchants) make sure your sub is turned to face the target When you are at close range  your torpedoes can't break out at an angle.

When a ship is heading straight towards you, sit still and let it come. When it is 2-400 meters away fire 1 shot to make it evade. Follow it closely to see which way it evades (you will with time learn to know which way it will evade, by looking at its sail direction). Start pivoting the same way as it and release more torpedoes.   (aim 10-20m in front of it).


A general thumb rule is that:

Tankers and Merchants takes 1 torpedo
Corvettes 2 torpedoes
Destroyer Escorts 3 torpedoes
Destroyers 4 torpedoes

Again, only use 2/3-FULL-FLANK if you really need it for evasion. Enemies cannot detect you if they exceed  5-600 meters range when you're going 1/3.

Shooting at Tankers and Merchants:

In general they can be hit from any distance, since they don't have a torpedo alert. I have yet to see one that tries to evade.

The easiest way is when they are ~1KM away, then I usually lead them a little. 

Enigma has great voice recognition and a microphone is a must. Go get one, it allows you to steer/control/dive your vessel while using the targeting binocs.


Submarine campaign -- the refueling mission (Mission 2)

Dock to the ally sub and as soon as the message screen says "docking", PIVOT so that you're facing the direction the 3 CVs come from. (take map all the way out to see where they are) Then order FULL STOP and HOLD COURSE.

Use your mike and order "DEFEND AA GUNS". Switch the map to 4KM and when the fighter planes show up on the tactical screen, mark one of them and have your deckgun assist the AA guns (maybe you get them all, but you don't have to).

From time to time switch tactical screen to max range When you see the bombers it's time to start moving on. Order AHEAD FLANK, RIG FOR DIVE & PERISCOPE DEPTH When you are at scope depth, order AHEAD 1/3, still moving towards the 3 CVs. Let them come close to you as I described above, sink them, you have plenty of time to do all 3 before the DEs are within the danger range.

When you have sunk those 3 CVs, the DE's are so close to you that they can pick up you on their sonar, even when you're going at 1/3.  Order AHEAD FLANK and PIVOT to find them and face them. Wait till they are within a proper range, then sink them, too.

Remember to dive on incoming torpedoes!

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