The home of Britain’s nuclear weapons is at risk — and climate change is to blame

The United Kingdom’s nuclear military bases are being threatened by climate change, according to a recent report from the Nuclear Consulting Group.

Paul Dorfman, the report’s author, said that the U.K.’s coastal nuclear infrastructure is vulnerable to flooding, due to rising sea levels and more frequent and severe storms.

“All of the models or predictions, all of the analysis, all of the data has really begun to run hot,” Dorfman told CNBC. “It’s good that people are taking notice, but it’s bad that this new data is showing us that we really do need to get our act together.”

The report also found that coastal flooding frequency is estimated to increase by between 10 and more than 100 in several European locations.

In the United States, “the Pentagon has recently reported that 79 nuclear military bases will be affected by rising sea-levels and frequent flooding,” Dorfman added.

So how well equipped are these bases to handle flooding? Watch the video to learn more.

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