The Army’s Mind-Bending 1,000-Mile Cannon Is Coming. Could It Bring Back Battleships?

The U.S. Army is working on a new, long-range cannon it claims can reach out and strike targets at up to 1,150 miles. If the technology works, the Strategic Long Range Cannon (SLRC) promises the ability to fire 50 times farther than existing guns. But the new gun also has the potential to bring back a dormant class of big-gun warships once thought gone for good: the mighty battleship.

Earlier this year, Popular Mechanics published leaked photos showing the capabilities of the SLRC. With an effective range of 1,000 nautical miles—at 1,150 miles, that’s about 1,130 miles farther than existing guns—the SLRC could be a truly revolutionary breakthrough in artillery warfare.

Full article in Popular Mechanics

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