Submarine crew seen enjoying barbecue on deck off Cornwall

Dutch crew feast on sausages as dolphins swim close-by.

A Dutch submarine crew was spotted enjoying the Easter weekend sun and tucking into a BBQ just off the Cornish coast.

The seaman were spotted by eagle-eyed locals at Mount’s Bay relaxing topside on the subaqueous watercraft, as reported by CornwallLive.

At first it was suspected the vessel might be British, but online sleuths quickly ascertained the submarine’s true identity as a diesel powered boat from the Dutch navy.

The crew of the vessel even tweeted pictures of themselves enjoying their food off the coast and a video with music playing as dolphins swam alongside the submarine in the blazing sunshine.

Abdel Bakrim posted photos and footage of the submarine on social media, he said:“Not a sight you expect to see every day. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a submarine. Hope it’s nothing serious!”

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