South Korea Completes Trials For The LIG Nex1 Tiger Shark Torpedo

The trials for the Tiger Shark consisted of testing from the 1,800-ton KSS-II submarine and the 3,000-ton KSS-III submarine in March and May respectively. The torpedo was fired twice from each submarine, with all four tests being successful. LIG Nex1 began preliminary studies on developing a wire-guided torpedo in March 2009. Actual development on the Tiger Shark, which began in earnest in 2012, was completed in 2019. The torpedo is 6.5 m in length and weighs 1,619 kg. It is said to be much more effective than other torpedoes currently in service with the Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN), including the surface and underwater target Mod2 and White Shark torpedo, with a range of around 50 km and a maximum speed of over 55 knots. However, at ₩ 3.3 billion (or $ 2.6 million per unit), the system is also more expensive than its predecessors.

Another improvement over previous models is the use of a fiber optic cable like the German Deutsches Modell 2 Mod.4. These cables are more buoyant than regular cables, allowing for greater range.

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