Silent Hunter 5: Captain Class Frigates

A small “side quest” in between larger projects, this little mod plugs one of the gaps in SH5 ship roster by adding Captain Class Frigates to Royal Navy unit selection.

Captain Frigates were basically American Evarts and Buckley destroyer escorts that were built for the British as part of Lend-Lease agreement. America built the hulls and Britain supplied weapons (hence armament differs from their American counterparts). In total, 78 ships (32 of Evarts or GMT class, and 46 of Buckley (TE) class) served in Royal Navy – they destroyed or participated in destruction of 34 U-Boats and 26 E-Boats, at the cost of losing 16 frigates.

Since SH5 already has Evarts and Buckley models, this was simple addition to make – I just created clone units of both types with modified sensors, armament (not 100% correct, but as close to accurate as I could get without touching gr2 files), gave them Royal Navy camouflage and replaced ice cream machines with tea kettles in the galley. They will spoil your fun and hunt you mercilessly between March 1943 and May 1945.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!