Silent Hunter 4: Tell us what you’re up to in current campaign

SH 3 has a very active thread where Captains share what are doing currently. Tried to get it going before but going to try again lol.

Brief write ups and of course screenshots/videos are welcome.


TMO Update V2.0
100 difficulty Cams off, Contacts on( for this patrol)

USS Nautilus SS-168
Eleventh War Patrol

Ended previous patrol in Brisbane on 13 March 1944 after departing Pearl Harbor on TENTH war patrol 24 January 1944.

20 May 1944

1400 Departed Brisbane for Darwin to embark passengers and supplies for
special mission to Philippines.

1420 Rendezvoused with Australian MS to escort through minefield. (new feature of V2.0, always a escort for player sub at friendly minefields)

1530 Exited Moreton Bay minefield

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!