SH4 Mods: FotRSU ST Radar Questions

OK folks – the game does not like changing the Observation periscope, but we do have a way around the issue, sort-of… but first some questions about this:
Option 1: Keep it as-is. I like it when the Observation Periscope fails on 1st Jan 1945

Option 2: Make a cloned conn “upgrade” that might add the new ST Periscope, and then allow an add-on ST Radar that displays on the NavMap only (you do have to ‘qualify’ for a new conn).

Option 3: Make a cloned conn “upgrade” for the boat (as in #2) and the ST Periscope, and then an UpgradePack for the ST that will eliminate the SJ antenna, but allows PPI and NavMap display (better for MapContacts “Off” people).

Option 4: Disable the ST across all boats except the Tench
As it stands in the current, and all previous versions of FotRSU, if you do a new start after 01 January, 1945, you will have ST Radar, but will lose the SJ antenna displaying on the boat, which looks weird to me, but you do have a functional SJ and ST radar that displays on the PPI and NavMap (if Map Contacts are “On”). However, if you are on patrol 31 December, 1944 to 01 January, 1945, with an existing boat that is eligible for ST Radar, the game’s attempt to “Upgrade” your Observation (Night) Periscope to the ST Radar version, it will fail, and then the Observation Periscope ceases to function. Now, we could “pretend” that the motor failed on it, or a lift cable broke, or whatever, but there is no indication of a failure, other than you cannot go to the station. In some cases, the periscope will be unusable for the remainder of that career.

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