SH4 Mod: Menu fix for ultrawide V1

It makes the buttons in the menus visible on ultrawide resolutions which were placed offscreen when using ultrawide resolutions.


This is a modified “menu_1024_768.ini” wich fix the menu screens for ultrawide resolutions.
It has been tested with 3840×1080 (32:9) resolution but should work for 21:9 aspect ratio resolutions too.
This fix makes buttons like “START”/”BACK” visible again when playing on ultrawide resolutions.

!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT NOTE !!!!!!!!!!!!
Be aware that this fix is made with vanilla version of the game.
There are other mods that come with a modified “menu_1024_768.ini” file.
If you want to use it with any mod that has a modified “menu_1024_768.ini”, read the instructions described in
point 2)

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