SH4 Conning Tower Fix

Silent Hunter 4 Uboat Missions Version 1.5 Fix for lack of Conning tower upgrade.
By KaleunMarco
This fix was developed for the version of Silent Hunter 4 (SH4) in the title line.

Unlike previous versions of SH, SH4 does not apply a Turm upgrade as it did in the past. You will not be able to purchase a Turm upgrade with renown or see a reward screen between missions when you refuse a boat-upgrade. In fact, under many situations, a Kaleun will not receive the upgrade even if a new one is due. I have had that happen to me many times. It is difficult to understand the conditions under which an upgrade will or won’t happen because it is locked up in the SH4 and therefore not open to interpretation….or modification.

This is not a mod…it is a hack of the ActiveUserPlayerUnits.UPC. You need to be able to use Notepad and copy-paste between ActiveUserPlayerUnits.UPC files otherwise this fix is not for you.
You need to perform this procedure between missions while you are in port. Do not make this change during a mission as it will cause CTD’s (crash to desktop).
This process should work for both German and American careers.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!