SH3 Mod: V1.4 DGUI1920x1080 for CCOM12

All CCOM12 loading screens are present.
-the useful layout (reworked) cards of CCOM12 have been integrated
-The full map F5 and the draggable functional chronometer are inside. (thanks tycho)
-F4 free move deck camera added
-The English and German keyboards have been adapted to play with CCOM12 : see post 2 for an overview of the most useful keyboard commands :…53&postcount=2
-F1 help in game modified (england and german) with indication of the most useful keyboard controls.
-map F5 and F6 : wooden table added.
-map F5 : dreieck tool and kompass tool positioned more to the right of the screen.
-3d view free camera : in the uboat, all 3d buttons, levers, dials commands work (also torpedoes buttons under periscope + the wheel on the right side so you rotate with the periscope !!)
-All mouse commands from the officers’ shortcuts (bottom left) work
-For best use of the raobf disks, optional possibility (with Ctrl + mouse wheel) to max zoom at x12 for Att Peri and x6 for Obs Peri.
-O2 gauges added
-The CCOM12 logo (made by Fifi) has been added at F12 and F4 screens
-the 0° gyro direct shot card added (1 full card instead of 3 !)
-CCOM12 flotillas choice screen full functional
-CCOM12 flotilla’s emblems well placed
-all the DGUI’s layout cards have been lightened with very good visual appearance
-to save place, I reworked the CCOM12 cards, Konvoy card and the conversion card from LSH2020 and integrated them in the mod.
-rubini’s plancton added

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!