SH3 Mod: German U-Boats Compilation

Models of boats entered compilation type 9 from Wise and Kovall converted from Silent Hunter 5 of the boat type 7C and 7B, from Silent Hunter 4 type 18 remade in type 21 and as type 2 which model was processed by companion Kovall, as well as all are higher the converted works too from Kovall. All this I added with various practices of spendthrifts from such authors, as Anvart, Aces, Testpilot and many others, for what to all of them many thanks. I created new textures and skins and as still some things and amendments. It was tested by me on such gigamod’s as GWX 3.0, CCoM 10.1 and a version drain, is known that others used assembly in WAC 4.1, complaints weren’t and everything worked well. As the companion of Anvar1061 if that, and it helps with questions helped with testing.

Shortly about application. Skins will work only with these models. In the folder with textures it is possible to change for the frontal emblems, setting it the same name. Pennant for type 7C_1 as can be replaced on new, in the folder there are examples for replacement or creation of the new. That there would be no questions in GWX with display of models in game or the museum (textures can be black id because of the conflicts), it is necessary to establish FixAllSubGWX for a solution (remap id’s in S3D) as this fix can be put and on other gigamod’s was required or to make remap of conflict ai of boats most. As for assembly there are also other models of boats, and it is the late cabin 7B_1 and boat 7C41 model with the cabin 7C_3 from Kovall, and as model 9C40 with the cabin 9C_3 from Wise and Kovall. To put for a change on assembly top during use of these types of boats in game (at will). I in additives processed tools from Testpilot which didn’t work about type 9 from Wise, there were departures from game, to use at will. I apply in readme archive in pictures on keyboard use commands.

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!